uMail - a very simple message box for local systems.

This system is very simple. It consists in a sort of bash scripts, an C++ program just to write the messages and an database in SQLite.
The ideia is users in a single machine (or in a ssh server) can send messages to other users without the need of an mail server.


uMail-0.0.1.tar.gz (initial release 23/01/2003) (mirror:1/2)
Gentoo ebuild
(recommended /usr/portage/net-mail/uMail)
OBS.: Needs SQLite.

The scripts:

    root only (recommended 0700 on /usr/sbin):

# uResetTable
it creates the initial table with all users of the system on it. All users are created deactivated.
OBS.: All time you run this script it deletes the database and recreates.

# uActiveUser <user>
Activate user for sending and receiving messages.

# uDeactiveUser <user>
Deactivate user for sending and receiving messages.

# uNewUser <name>
Creates an user.

# uDelUser <name>
Delets an user.

    user scripts (recommended on /usr/bin):

$ uMode
Show if the actual user are active or deactive
    $ uMode +
    Active actual user.
    $ uMode -
    Deactive actual user.

$ uSend <user>
Send an message for the user. His interface is user-frendly.

$ uRead
Reads the messages of the actual user. His interface is user-frendly.

$ uNewMsg
Checks if are new messages and say the number of New/Archived messages for the actual user.

    system C++ writer (recommended on /usr/bin):

$ uMailRead (from compiled uMailRead.cpp)
It gets the user input until a line with only one dot (".") and outputs all text to stderr. It outputs in a format that works nicely whit "echo -e".

    configuration file (need to be in /etc)

The only config file. Please doesn't change the "$USER" line.

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